Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shasta County nonprofit group wins $2.6 million in stimulus funds * By Amanda Winters

A Shasta County nonprofit organization that helps low-income residents weatherize their homes is the latest recipient of federal stimulus funds.

The Self-Help Home Improvement Project (SHHIP) of Shasta County will receive $2.6 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, said program manager Scott Berg.

"The stimulus package funded the Department of Energy $5 billion for weatherization," he said. "California received the largest amount out of all the states and that was distributed to the Department of Community Services and Development and each county received a percentage of that."

The first half of the grant will be received as soon as SHHIP officials sign a contract with the state Department of Community Services and Development, and the second half will be received after the first half is spent, he said.

The Low Income Weatherization Program is paid for by the California Department of Community Services and Development, SHHIP Controller Bhavna Patel said.

"We are going to use these funds to help low-income people to weatherize their houses and to make their homes more energy-efficient," she said.

Weatherization encompasses a multitude of energy-saving measures, including minor changes like repairing windows and doors, caulking, and installing energy-efficient light bulbs, she said.

The nonprofit organization was established in Shasta County in 1973 and also serves Tehama County, Patel said. According to SHHIP's Web site, about 200 homes have been weatherized or repaired by SHHIP in the past year.

Berg said two of the most common repairs are done to cooling systems or hot-water heaters.

"There's been a big increase in need" since the economic downturn began, he said.

Income restrictions apply to weatherization services. For more information, call the SHHIP office at 378-6905.

Reporter Amanda Winters can be reached at 225-8372 or at

Finally for the Naysayers that grace the comment pages of
the Redding Record Searchlight Newspaper and Website,
who continue to write "Where are the jobs? Where are local
Stimulus Funds? What has this do nothing President really
accomplished? To You I say...Please re-read this article,
until you get it._Green Earl

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