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Negawatt, Top Fifty Google Search Terms From The "Negawatt Experts"_By Green Earl

I find it very interesting now, that there are so
many experts on the subject of what a Negawatt is.
Some who even have definitions for a word that I created.

Ok, ok, I admit
I do not have what you might call "official" credit
for it, as I did not have the foresight to document
the term like some MBA in the industry did, funny he
felt it was so important, he even documents nearly the
exact time "he invented the term." So I will not bore
you with further details except to say, I was too busy
actually creating the time, and since,
to see that I received whatever credit I might get for
the term, down the road. As a pioneer, that happens to
you a lot of times, in your life.

I have never been a great joiner, except a church, perhaps
or my local chamber, The Lion's Club when I was younger.

Here's another example of what I am trying to say,

CALSEIA, California Solar Energy Industries Association,
several months ago, or now, maybe last year, posted on their
site that Solar City, "had pioneered solar leasing in
California." Now since solar city has only been in business
a few years, (2 or 3) I'm thinking, and I had written solar
leases using a company called Phoenix Leasing as early as
1984 in L.A. county Lancaster/Palmdale, I kinda take
exception for statements like that. Anyway, You can wine
(proof-reading note: Wining is even better than Whining)and
crying about it, but I still say, I'd rather be in the "actual
doing it" end of the industry, than the documenting and expert
end of the business.

I don't recall any of the people below, getting with me and
asking me what the term Negawatt, actually meant to me, when
I pioneered it, along with a few other things._Green Earl

No, I did not invent the internet, but I did help
pioneer it for marketing purposes and actually did pioneer
a little product you might remember called WEBTV, I believe
Microsoft still owns it.

I'm just amazed though to read somewhere below that "A
Negawatt, is a negative Megawatt" Now the term may have
morphed into that definition but for your information,
neither the guy that says he invented the word, sorry
his name escapes me right now, nor I, intended for that
to be today's definition for the word. But, Who Cares?

Advanced Google Search For The Term "Negawatt" My auto
spell check, still puts a redline under the term, seems
it does not compute.

Page 1 of 56,000 Search Terms

Results 1 - 10 of about 56,500 for negawatt. (0.13 seconds)
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